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Issue: Spring 2014 | Section: Impact

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Nicole Allen, ’08 Nicole Allen, ’08

Impact Spring 2014

Nicole Allen, ’08: “A Powerful Network”

“Michigan has given me incredible professional opportunities and keeps me connected to my family and classmates,” says Nicole Allen, ’08, an associate at Jenner & Block in Chicago. “Since Michigan attracts smart, well-rounded people doing different, interesting things, it’s a powerful network.” 

David Patterson, ’74 David Patterson, ’74

Impact Spring 2014

David Patterson, ’74: Leaving the Door Open

For some, law school can represent turmoil and uncertainty. For David Patterson, ’74, all of that was behind him by the time he finally set foot in the Quad. Patterson earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard in 1968; the very next day, he had to report for his draft physical back home in Ohio.

Michael Levitt, ’83 Michael Levitt, ’83

Impact Spring 2014

Michael Levitt, ’83: Invest in What You Know

Michael Levitt, ’83, has been successful in finance largely because he follows a simple adage: Invest in what you know. The advice also guides him as a volunteer for and donor to the University of Michigan. Levitt serves on the University’s Investment Advisory Committee and is the alumni trustee for the Law School’s Cook Trust. 

Bill Goodspeed, ’83 Bill Goodspeed, ’83

Impact Spring 2014

Bill Goodspeed, ’83: Building Something Enduring with ZEAL

Bill Goodspeed, ’83, built his career on the belief that you can do business and do good. He’s eager to help Michigan Law students understand the same. Goodspeed recently documented a $250,000 bequest to the Law School—$125,000 for clinics that serve indigent populations and $125,000 for the Zell Entrepreneurship and Law (ZEAL) Program.