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Fiske Fellows Fiske Fellows

Impact Fall 2016

Fiske, ’55: 15 Years of Launching Government Service Careers

In 2001, Bob Fiske, ’55, HLLD ’97, created the Robert B. Fiske Jr. Fellowship Program for Government Service to encourage recent Michigan Law graduates to pursue positions as government lawyers. The fellowship pays both college and law school debt for three years plus a stipend; it has supported 49 fellows to date.

Michael Harrison, ’66 and his wife, Deborah. Michael Harrison, ’66 and his wife, Deborah.

Impact Fall 2016

Michael Harrison, ’66: Supporting Equal Opportunity Through the Program in Race, Law, and History

Michael Harrison, ’66, has a deep-rooted sense of fairness. His grandfather, Glenwood Fuller, LLB 1913, always said women and people of color should have the same rights as white men. “He was ahead of his time,” Harrison says of the former Kent County (Michigan) Circuit Court judge. 

Fiza Quraishi, ’07 and family. Fiza Quraishi, ’07 and family.

Impact Fall 2016

Youth Law Fellowship Honors Fiza Quraishi, ’07

For young lawyers with a passion for helping disadvantaged children, pursuing such a career is limited by scarce job opportunities. A new fellowship will offer a gateway by bringing Michigan Law students to the National Center for Youth Law (NCYL)—while honoring a woman who left an enormous legacy at both institutions.

beauty image of the arches in the law quadrangle beauty image of the arches in the law quadrangle

Impact Fall 2016

Recent Gifts: Fall 2016

Giving to Michigan Law is an investment in the future of legal education, and private support ensures that the excellence that has distinguished Michigan-trained lawyers continues for generations to come.

Beauty image of Windows on the Law School Beauty image of Windows on the Law School

Impact Fall 2016

Cause and Effect: A Donor and His Scholarship Recipient Reflect on Their Connection to Michigan Law

"During my second year, my family had some financial difficulties. I went to Dean Roy Proffitt, JD ’48, LLM ’56, to inquire if any financial aid was available. Without fanfare or embarrassment, he provided some needed assistance. I vowed that, when I was able, I would try to give others help similar to that which I had received."

William Yat San Chiang William Yat San Chiang

Impact Fall 2016

Tsiang, ’23, and Chiang: A Grandfather’s Legacy; A Grandson’s Gratitude

William Yat San Chiang never met his grandfather, Pao Li Tsiang, ’23. Chiang didn’t attend the University of Michigan, and he has only visited campus once, so that he could see the place that helped shape his grandfather.