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Issue: Fall 2020 | Section: In Practice

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In Practice Fall 2020

Carla Newell, ’85: Riding a Tech Boom in Silicon Valley—Again

As public interest in consumer genomics has exploded in recent years, Carla Newell, ’85, found herself at the center of the industry’s boom as the chief legal officer and chief risk officer at Ancestry, a leading family history and consumer genomics company.

Christopher Burtley Christopher Burtley

In Practice Fall 2020

Chris Burtley, ’15: Reimagining Supply Chains After Historic Disruption

Months before COVID-19 became a global pandemic, Chris Burtley, ’15, was called into the first of what would become a series of meetings about a novel coronavirus that was emerging in Wuhan, China, and beginning to threaten global supply chains. “When a client asked me in January to join calls related to the coronavirus, we thought of it as a small project to keep an eye on, not something that would become the biggest issue we have seen in decades.”

Lawrence Garcia Lawrence Garcia

In Practice Fall 2020

Lawrence García, ’95: Moving Detroit’s Legal Team in New Directions

When the mayor of Detroit asked Lawrence García, ’95, to lead the city’s legal department, he jumped at the opportunity, knowing it would challenge him professionally and give him a meaningful platform to influence the trajectory of Detroit. “The law department has always had a lot of bench strength and excellent lawyers, but historically you haven’t heard people worried about going up against the office—whether it’s in litigation or in business dealings.”