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View of an empty classroom. View of an empty classroom.

@UMICHLAW Fall 2023

Affirmative Action: The Cliff Where Diversity in Higher Education Now Teeters

Senior Assistant Dean Sarah Zearfoss, ’92, has led the Law School’s admissions and financial aid offices since 2001. In this essay, which originally appeared on, she weighs in on two recent Supreme Court cases, Students for Fair Admission v. Harvard and Students for Fair Admission v. University of North Carolina.

A portrait of Raphael Lotilla, LLM ’87. A portrait of Raphael Lotilla, LLM ’87.

Features Fall 2023

Raphael Lotilla, LLM ’87: “For the Benefit of My Country”

Raphael Lotilla was appointed secretary of energy in the Philippines in July 2022—for the second time—and he reassumed the role during a period of significant challenges: righting the privatization of the energy sector, confronting climate change, and addressing poverty.

A portrait of Kenneth Salazar with the president of the United States. A portrait of Kenneth Salazar with the president of the United States.

Features Fall 2023

The President’s Ambassadors Abroad

Hundreds of Michigan Law alumni represent the interests of the United States and its citizens in
various levels of the government around the world. A handful, however, have risen to the highest level by being appointed as ambassadors, including Donald Blome, ’90; W. Robert Kohorst, ’78; and Kenneth Salazar, ’83.

Beauty image Michigan's Coastline Beauty image Michigan's Coastline

@UMICHLAW Spring/Summer 2023

Forty Years of Protecting the Great Lakes Watershed and Training Environmental Lawyers

Forty years after its introduction, what is now known as the Environmental Law and Sustainability Clinic continues to provide invaluable hands-on learning experience for students, using litigation and other means of advocacy to advance environmental priorities in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

Michael Bobelian Michael Bobelian

Class Note Winter 2020

Michael Bobelian, ’98: The Forging of the Modern Supreme Court

Michael Bobelian, ’98, a journalist who has reported on the Supreme Court and other legal topics since 2003, explores the controversial Supreme Court nomination of Abe Fortas in his new book, The Battle for the Marble Palace: Abe Fortas, Earl Warren, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and the Forging of the Modern Supreme Court.

Bakst, ’97: Advocating for Work/Family Balance Bakst, ’97: Advocating for Work/Family Balance

Class Note Fall 2015

Dina Leshetz Bakst, ’97: Advocating for Work-Family Balance

When the federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) was reintroduced with bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate in June, it was a personal victory for Dina Leshetz Bakst, ’97. Bakst helped to draft the legislation, which provides stronger legal protections for pregnant women in the workplace.

Russell Smith Russell Smith

Class Note Fall 2015

Russell Smith, ’86: Ensuring There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Russell Smith’s clients are slimy. Really. They number in the billions, don’t communicate, and move constantly. He willingly allows many to get the death penalty. Smith, ’86, is deputy assistant secretary for international fisheries at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

Marty Lagina Marty Lagina

Class Note Spring/Summer 2018

Marty Lagina, ’82: Modern Renaissance Man at the 45th Parallel

What do a Spanish coin from the 17th century, natural gas, wind turbines, and exceptional Michigan red wines have in common? Marty Lagina and, strangely enough, the 45th parallel.

Sam Zell stood at a lectern Sam Zell stood at a lectern


Sam Zell Builds on Commitment to Entrepreneurship at Michigan Law with $2M Gift

In recognition of a transformational $2 million dollar gift from Sam Zell, ’66, and the Zell Family Foundation, the Law School’s clinical program that represents and advises entrepreneurial ventures has been renamed the Zell Entrepreneurship Clinic. This extraordinary show of support for the Law School and its mission builds on a previous $5 million dollar gift from Zell and his foundation.

Beauty image of the Law School Dining Hall Beauty image of the Law School Dining Hall

Briefs Fall 2022

News in Brief: Fall 2022

Santa Ono becomes the University of Michigan’s 15th president  |  Professor Jim Hathaway retires  |  Professor Sam Bagenstos confirmed as HHS GC  |  and more...