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Issue: Spring/Summer 2018 | Section: In Practice

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A man in glasses stands in front of a U.S. Olympics sign. A man in glasses stands in front of a U.S. Olympics sign.

In Practice Spring/Summer 2018

A Case of “Five-Ring Fever”

There is such a thing as “Five-Ring Fever,” and Chris McCleary certainly has it. He first caught it at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, and he’s never lost it. It’s what you would expect, given that McCleary is the general counsel for the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC).

Breanna Van Engelen headshot Breanna Van Engelen headshot

In Practice Spring/Summer 2018

Bringing Cybercrimes to Justice and the Law up to Speed

“This is an area where the law hasn’t caught up to people’s conduct, and where victims have limited access to legal counsel,” says Van Engelen. “It takes real people on the ground, working every day as a team, to bring a cybercriminal to justice.”

Kamran Bajwa headshot Kamran Bajwa headshot

In Practice Spring/Summer 2018

Opportunity and Complexity in the Middle East

“Why have I been able to be successful there? Largely because of my U-M legal training,” Bajwa says. “Yes, I have language and technical skills that help. But the Middle East is trying to develop a U.S. capitalist model, so you can do a lot of good by bringing the M&A know-how you acquired in the United States into the region.”