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Issue: Spring/Summer 2018

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Bayi-Mathijsen, ’85 Bayi-Mathijsen, ’85

Class Note

Benedicte Bayi-Mathijsen, ’85: Drawn to the World

“I discovered a completely different world at Michigan, and it just took me in a whole new direction,” Bayi-Mathijsen says. She found its “international dimension” to her liking and joined the International Law Society and the Michigan Journal of International Law

Chase Cantrell Chase Cantrell

Class Note

Chase Cantrell, ’08: A Force for Positive Change Close to Home

Chase Cantrell, ’08, could have gone many places with a degree from Michigan Law. Instead, he chose to be a force for positive change in his native Detroit.

George Barchini George Barchini

Class Note

George Barchini, ’15: Striking a Balance with Big Law and Public Interest

Near the end of a long week in Laredo, Texas, George Barchini pulled an all-nighter—but not for the reasons typical of young associates at Big Law firms. Instead, he was trying to stop the deportation of a Central American woman.

Marty Lagina Marty Lagina

Class Note

Marty Lagina, ’82: Modern Renaissance Man at the 45th Parallel

What do a Spanish coin from the 17th century, natural gas, wind turbines, and exceptional Michigan red wines have in common? Marty Lagina and, strangely enough, the 45th parallel.

The Legal Climate of Climate Change Cover Art The Legal Climate of Climate Change Cover Art

Cover Story

The Legal Climate of Climate Change

Like most headline-grabbing problems, the myriad issues surrounding climate change are integral to the work of many Michigan Law graduates. For some alumni, curbing and combating climate change is their life’s calling. For others, it is another hurdle to navigate as they pursue optimal outcomes for their clients or businesses.

Beauty image of Michigan University law school building windows in the courtyard Beauty image of Michigan University law school building windows in the courtyard

@UMICHLAW Spring/Summer 2018

Pediatric Advocacy Clinic Supports a DNR Bill

Michigan Law’s Pediatric Advocacy Clinic (PAC), under the direction of Clinical Professor Debra Chopp, has been working on legislation that would give parents in Michigan greater control over end-of-life care for their children.

David Breach headshot David Breach headshot

Impact Spring/Summer 2018

David Breach, ’94: Throwing Ladders to Help Others Climb

David Breach, ’94, and his wife, Emily, established the David A. and Emily A. Breach Law School Scholarship Fund, a need-based scholarship will give preference to students who are from a socioeconomically disadvantaged background or who already have loans—criteria that resonate with Breach, who came to Michigan Law as a transfer student. He talked with the Law Quadrangle about the impact of his Michigan Law degree and the importance of giving back.

Jevona Watson’s coffee shop Jevona Watson’s coffee shop


Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project Links Small Businesses with U-M Resources

Jevona Watson’s coffee shop, Detroit Sip, is a gem hidden among the underdeveloped buildings of West McNichols Road. It opened its doors on November 18, 2017, with no small amount of gratitude to the University of Michigan’s Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project (DNEP).

Hessel Yntema in front of ocean Hessel Yntema in front of ocean


Hessel Yntema IV, ’13: Paradise Found as Saipan’s GC

A few years out of law school and itching for a new adventure, Hessel Yntema IV, ’13, was working as an assistant city attorney in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in April 2017 when an unusual job advertisement caught his eye. “I thought, ‘I could be an assistant attorney general on Saipan. That sounds like fun,’” Yntema says.

James Boyd White James Boyd White

@UMICHLAW Spring/Summer 2018

45th Anniversary Edition of The Legal Imagination Published

“When we first published The Legal Imagination, it was groundbreaking and inspirational to a generation of legal faculty and students seeking to re-situate the foundations of law in language and the human experience,” says Joe Terry, publisher of Wolters Kluwer’s legal education division.