Fall 2014

Supreme Court


Michigan Law Surpasses 100 Clerkships for 2nd Straight Year

By Lori Atherton

For the 2014 term, 133 Michigan Law 3Ls and graduates (at press time) have secured clerkships—a total that surpasses the previous record of 117 clerkships that were secured by Michigan Law students and graduates in 2013. This is the third time in a decade that Michigan Law is celebrating the 100-plus mark for clerkships.

Geographically, Michigan Law’s clerks are spread out across the country and can be found at every level of the federal and state judiciaries, serving one- or two-year terms.

“We have at least one graduate placed in every U.S. circuit court for 2014,” says Greta Trakul, attorney-counselor and judicial clerkship adviser in the Office of Career Planning. “It’s a huge strength that we have alums clerking all over; it provides incredible support for our students wherever their clerkship opportunities might take them.”