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Issue: Fall 2014

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Kristina Daugirdas Kristina Daugirdas

@UMICHLAW Fall 2014

Prof. Daugirdas Wins Writing Award

An American Journal of International Law (AJIL) article written by Assistant Professor Kristina Daugirdas has been awarded the Francis Deák Prize, which honors outstanding scholarship by younger authors. 

Geoff Entress, ’98 Geoff Entress, ’98

Features Fall 2014

Good Fortune: An Angel Investor Helps Entrepreneurs Soar

“An entrepreneur can’t do everything themselves, so they need a team around them,” says Geoff Entress, ’98, a Seattle-based investor who has backed more than 125 companies in the last 15 years. Today, the Pittsburgh native is a venture partner with Voyager Capital, sits on the boards of 11 companies, and is what’s called an angel investor—that is, someone who provides personal capital to businesses trying to get off the ground.

Julian Davis Mortenson Julian Davis Mortenson

@UMICHLAW Fall 2014

Prof. Mortenson Files Suit on Behalf of Same-Sex Couples

“First and foremost, it’s important that these clients—these particular human beings, who have relationships that span decades—not be subjected to a mandatory divorce by the state,” Professor Julian Davis Mortenson says. “The 16 people in our lawsuit have lost something precious and dear to them, and that’s outrageous.”

Supreme Court Supreme Court

Briefs Fall 2014

Michigan Law Surpasses 100 Clerkships for 2nd Straight Year

For the 2014 term, 133 Michigan Law 3Ls and graduates (at press time) have secured clerkships—a total that surpasses the previous record of 117 clerkships that were secured by Michigan Law students and graduates in 2013. 

Eric Oesterle, ’73 Eric Oesterle, ’73

Impact Fall 2014

Eric Oesterle, ’73: Giving Where It's Needed Most

“I’ve always felt it was imperative to help the Law School address issues as they arise—issues that might not be on anyone’s radar when a new campaign or a new fiscal year begins. That’s where the Law School Fund can make a tremendous impact.”

Carl E. Schneider, ’79 Carl E. Schneider, ’79

@UMICHLAW Fall 2014

New Book by Prof. Schneider Focuses on the Failure of Mandated Disclosure

Mandated disclosure. It’s the 15,000 words that stand between an iTunes user and his 99-cent download, the fine print on a doctor’s consent form, and the focus of a new book by Michigan Law Professor Carl E. Schneider, ’79.

Jamie Loeks Duffield, ’12 Jamie Loeks Duffield, ’12

Features Fall 2014

Lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Starts Luxe Loungewear Line

Jamie Loeks Duffield, ’12, wanted to be “on the other side of the table.” So she left her associate position at the Miami law firm Shutts and Bowen in July 2013 and returned to Michigan to start Duffield Lane, a loungewear/resort wear line that can be worn at home, out to dinner, or at the beach. 

Kimberly Thomas Kimberly Thomas

@UMICHLAW Fall 2014

Prof. Thomas Appointed to State’s New Indigent Defense Commission

Clinical Professor of Law and Juvenile Justice Clinic cofounder Kimberly Thomas has been appointed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, ’82, to serve a two-year term on the state’s newly created Indigent Defense Commission. 

Capitol Building Capitol Building

Features Fall 2014

Civil Rights, Women’s Rights

The original Civil Rights Act language did not include orotections based on sex. Martha Griffiths, ’40, had something to say about that.