Spring 2016

Veterans on the Law Quad: Stories of Service

Nearly 15 years after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, we take stock of the work of two military veterans, a law student and an alumnus, who continue to serve the country through legal work. 

Alexis Bailey, 2L, and Mir Ali, ’09, were already loyal to the country and to the military before the terrorist attacks. 

Afterward, their support only grew. 

Now in their civilian lives, they’ve continued to support the military and those who have served—Bailey as a student attorney in the new Veterans Legal Clinic, which was started with the help of private support, including a lead gift from the Bob Woodruff Foundation; Ali as the cofounder of a nonprofit that helps vets. 

Read more about their journeys and the launch of the new clinic.

2L Alexis Bailey
2L Alexis Bailey

2L Alexis Bailey Brings Military Experience to the Veterans Legal Clinic

Basic training. A highly regimented schedule. A litany of demanding and sometimes demeaning rules designed to break down underclassmen so they can be built back up again as a unit, a team. Very little about the Air Force Academy is easy. If you’re 2L Alexis Bailey, there’s also the September 11 attacks, which happened when she was a sophomore.

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Mir Y. Ali, ’09
Mir Y. Ali, ’09

Mir Y. Ali, ’09: From the Law Quad to U.S. Army Special Forces

Mir Y. Ali, ’09, signed up for Army ROTC as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois. He was ready, willing, able—even excited. “I said, ‘Let me get this straight: you’re going to pay for college, teach me how to shoot guns and climb mountains, and I’ll get to work out? I’m in,'” Ali recalls.

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Veterans Clinic

Michigan Law Veterans Legal Clinic Opens

Michigan Law in November celebrated the opening of the Veterans Legal Clinic, which offers veterans and, in some cases, their immediate families, legal help in matters such as family law, eviction, consumer problems, foreclosure, and employment cases. 

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