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Issue: Spring 2016

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Robbie Friedman, ’08 Robbie Friedman, ’08

Class Note Spring 2016

Robbie Friedman, ’08: Innovations in Law Firm Billing

As a corporate attorney, Robbie Friedman, ’08, was familiar with what he describes as the “opaqueness” of legal billing. So he co-founded Viewabill, a startup based in Columbus, Ohio, in 2013. A cloud-based platform, Viewabill allows clients to see in real time how much a law firm is billing for its work.

Hon. Harlan VanWye, ’67 Hon. Harlan VanWye, ’67

Class Note Spring 2016

Hon. Harlan VanWye, ’67: An Extra-Innings Career

In 22 years as a judge with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, the Hon. Harlan VanWye, ’67, saw it all, from despair to defensiveness to questionable wardrobe choices. But learning that a claimant named her child Harlan, after him, came as a surprise.

Monica Tesler Monica Tesler

Class Note

Monica Tesler, ’98: Dreaming of Space Adventures Leads to Debut Kids’ Book

Some people spend their work commutes catching up on email or scrolling through Facebook. Others unwind by listening to their favorite podcast. Monica Tesler, ’98, spent the better part of a year on a commuter boat dreaming of space adventures, the likes of which can be found in Bounders, her debut novel for middle-grade readers.

Eric Ostermeier, ’95 Eric Ostermeier, ’95

Class Note

Eric Ostermeier, ’95: Data-driven Political Journalism

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but in today’s world of pundits and partisanism, Eric Ostermeier, ’95, says data is the most powerful of all. Since 2006, Ostermeier has authored Smart Politics, a blog he founded at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. 

2L Alexis Bailey 2L Alexis Bailey


2L Alexis Bailey Brings Military Experience to the Veterans Legal Clinic

Basic training. A highly regimented schedule. A litany of demanding and sometimes demeaning rules designed to break down underclassmen so they can be built back up again as a unit, a team. Very little about the Air Force Academy is easy. If you’re 2L Alexis Bailey, there’s also the September 11 attacks, which happened when she was a sophomore.

Beauty image of the Law School Reading Room Beauty image of the Law School Reading Room


Recent Gifts: Spring 2016

Giving to Michigan Law is an investment in the future of legal education, and private support ensures that the excellence that has distinguished Michigan-trained lawyers continues for generations to come.

Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis


Kaiser-Jarvis Named Assistant Dean for International Affairs

Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis—a lawyer and longtime international higher education administrator—has been named the Law School’s assistant dean for international affairs. “I’m thrilled to join Michigan Law’s international team,” says Kaiser-Jarvis.

Mir Y. Ali, ’09 Mir Y. Ali, ’09


Mir Y. Ali, ’09: From the Law Quad to U.S. Army Special Forces

Mir Y. Ali, ’09, signed up for Army ROTC as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois. He was ready, willing, able—even excited. “I said, ‘Let me get this straight: you’re going to pay for college, teach me how to shoot guns and climb mountains, and I’ll get to work out? I’m in,'” Ali recalls.

 Bob Hirshon  Bob Hirshon

@UMICHLAW Spring 2016

New Course Focuses on Business Development for Law Firm Associates

Bob Hirshon, the Frank G. Millard Professor from Practice and the Law School’s special counsel on developments in the legal profession, has created a new course, Business Development for Associates, to help prepare Michigan Law graduates for their first jobs in a rapidly changing legal profession.

Lydia (Barry) Kelley,’89, and Rebecca (Redosh) Eisner, ‘89 Lydia (Barry) Kelley,’89, and Rebecca (Redosh) Eisner, ‘89

In Practice Spring 2016

Two Friends, Two Leaders, One City

Rebecca (Redosh) Eisner, ’89, and Lydia (Barry) Kelley, ’89, want part of their story to not be a story. Best friends who met at Michigan Law and became managing partners of two of Chicago’s biggest firms is a good tale. That they are both women adds intrigue. “I would love to reach the point where it’s irrelevant that we are women,” says Eisner. “Unfortunately, we are not there yet.”