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Issue: Fall 2017

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Sara Gibson, ’13 Sara Gibson, ’13

Class Note

Sara Gibson, ’13: Keeping the Peace in Dangerous Territory

Not far from Sara Gibson’s base in the central region of Mali, Al Qaeda-affiliated extremists enforce their interpretation of Sharia law and commit heinous abuses of human rights. 

Chris White Chris White

Class Note

Chris White, ’07: Finding His Passion Amid the Recession

The Great Recession forced many to rethink their careers—Chris White, ’07, being among them. He has gone from BigLaw practice to legal head hunting, and along the way founded the Chicago Beer Experience.

Brenda Abdelall Brenda Abdelall

Class Note

Brenda Abdelall, ’05: From Newsweek’s Cover to the Front Lines of Social Justice

“When 9/11 happened, there was no longer a choice about whether you could be politically aware and politically savvy,” Brenda Abdelall, ’05, says. “We all, especially as American Muslims, had a responsibility to be informed, engaged citizens.”

Fred Furth Fred Furth

Class Note

Fred Furth, ’59: Deploying His Not-So-Secret Weapon for Success

“Doubt doesn’t occur in my life,” Fred Furth, ’59, says. “I fear nothing. I know that whatever the problem, I’m either going to go around it, under it, over it, or right through it.”

Stephen and Faith Brown Stephen and Faith Brown


Stephen and Faith Brown: Planning for the Next Generation of Leaders and Best

“We decided to make Michigan our ‘child’ in terms of estate planning,” says Stephen. “We both benefitted greatly from our Michigan education, particularly in our careers.” 


Senior Day Speakers Celebrate Michigan Law Family

Senior Day on May 5 featured the first parent-child speakers in the 158-year history of the Law School—Richard “Dick” Pogue, ’53, and David Pogue. 

Michael Bloom Michael Bloom

Cover Story

A Praktio Education in Contracts

Michigan Law Professor Michael Bloom says that learning to work with contracts is like learning any language. “So if software can help you learn Spanish or Python, why can’t it help teach you to read and write contracts?”

Beauty image of the Arches in the Law Quad at the University of Michigan Law School Beauty image of the Arches in the Law Quad at the University of Michigan Law School


Jentes, ’56, and Bogaard, ’65, Named Michigan Law Distinguished Alumni

William Jentes, ’56, and William Bogaard, ’65, are recipients of the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award, the Law School’s highest honor.

James Beatty James Beatty


Beatty, ’55: An Unforgettable Feeling

From day one, James Beatty, ’55, was captivated by the Law School. “It was like stepping into a new world,” he says. “I have never forgotten that feeling.”