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AOI: Environmental Law

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 A portrait of Alan Alexander, ’11.  A portrait of Alan Alexander, ’11.

In Practice

Alan Alexander, ’11: Building a Lower-Carbon Energy Sector

Alan Alexander’s work on energy transition projects—including those focused on producing more-sustainable fuel for airplanes—involves collaborating with investors and clients in the energy sector to upgrade existing plants and invest in the research and development of renewable fuels and other low-carbon energy sources.

Beauty image Michigan's Coastline Beauty image Michigan's Coastline

@UMICHLAW Spring/Summer 2023

Forty Years of Protecting the Great Lakes Watershed and Training Environmental Lawyers

Forty years after its introduction, what is now known as the Environmental Law and Sustainability Clinic continues to provide invaluable hands-on learning experience for students, using litigation and other means of advocacy to advance environmental priorities in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

Russell Smith Russell Smith

Class Note Fall 2015

Russell Smith, ’86: Ensuring There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Russell Smith’s clients are slimy. Really. They number in the billions, don’t communicate, and move constantly. He willingly allows many to get the death penalty. Smith, ’86, is deputy assistant secretary for international fisheries at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

Professor Joseph Sax Professor Joseph Sax

In Memoriam

Professor Joseph Sax

Joseph Sax, a pioneer of environmental law, died March 9, 2014, at the age of 78. He was a professor of law at Michigan from 1966 to 1986. Although he later joined the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, he said of Michigan, “It is the place where I grew and prospered professionally, and it shall always be my intellectual home.” 

Jesse Medlong, ’13 Jesse Medlong, ’13

Class Note Fall 2022

Jesse Medlong, ’13: Addressing Climate Change across Borders and Sectors

It was only as he sat in Paris at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties that Jesse Medlong realized he might be an environmental lawyer. 

Ted Kill photo Ted Kill photo

In Practice Winter 2022

Law at the Bottom of the Earth

Ted Kill, ’07, covered a lot of ground between Michigan Law and his arrival in Antarctica, when he travelled to the continent as part of an interagency federal government inspection team. His journey to the bottom of the earth started with a clerkship at the International Court of Justice that he secured through Michigan Law, which served as a bridge to joining the State Department’s Office of the Legal Adviser. 

Professor Uhlmann addressing a lecture theater Professor Uhlmann addressing a lecture theater

@UMICHLAW Winter 2022

Environmental Law and Policy Program Hosts National Climate Advisor

“One out of three Americans [have felt the effects of climate change] in the last couple of months, between the wildfires and hurricanes and flooding, and the storms and droughts and heatwaves. We’re in a new era when we can see it and taste it and feel it for ourselves.” 

Beauty image of the Law School Reading Room Beauty image of the Law School Reading Room


@UMICHLAW: Fall 2020

John Petoskey, ’20, appointed to Michigan Advisory Council on Environmental Justice  |  Professor Ellen Katz receives 2020 L. Hart Wright Award for Excellence in Teaching  |  Professor of Law Evan Caminker co-counsels successful appellate case  |  and more...

Graphic for "A Seat at the table" There is a fork, gavel, and plate Graphic for "A Seat at the table" There is a fork, gavel, and plate

Cover Story

A Seat at the Table: Legal Careers in the Food Industry

From Texas Roadhouse to Massachusetts dairy, we profile alumni working across the food industry's varied legal landscape. This includes a food lawyer who, “has participated in the development of virtually every law and regulation affecting the food industry in the last four decades,” an environmental lawyer advocating for sustainable meat production, a food writer, and a fast-food franchise owner.

Spring/Summer 2018 Feature Finance Spring/Summer 2018 Feature Finance

Cover Story

The Legal Climate of Climate Change: Finance

From smaller pieces of a portfolio, such as coastal real estate and agriculture, to anchors like insurance companies and fossil fuel stocks, “there’s a growing recognition that many investments might be affected,” says Miller, “and I saw a real range in responsiveness on the part of the pension funds.”