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Issue: Fall 2016 | Section: Features

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Margo Schlanger Margo Schlanger


Intelligence Legalism and the NSA’s Civil Liberties Gap

Margo Schlanger, the Henry M. Butzel Professor of Law, is a leading authority on civil rights issues and civil and criminal detention and is the founder and director of the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse at the Law School. In this article, she discusses the balancing act between NSA information gathering and civil liberties in the wake of recent security breaches.

 Friends, Fellowship, and Football  Friends, Fellowship, and Football

Features Fall 2016

Friends, Fellowship, and Football

For decades, members of the Michigan Law faculty have been sitting together in Section 22 at Michigan Stadium. The tradition continues today, with emeritus and active faculty members watching the Wolverines from their perch above the 35-yard line.

Senior Day 1966 Senior Day 1966

Features Fall 2016

The Origins of Law School Senior Day

A man who would be immortalized by Tom Hanks many years later was the speaker at the first Senior Day of the University of Michigan Law School. That was 50 years ago, on May 12, 1966. I know. I was there.

Akilah Green Akilah Green


Akilah Green, ’06: From the Conference Room to the Writers’ Room

A lawyer walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “I’m moving to L.A. to be a comedy writer…”. It’s not the setup for yet another lawyer joke. It’s Akilah Green’s career path, which has pointed toward Hollywood for decades.