Winter 2020


Law School Fund Donor Joins Alumna Mother in Cavaedium Society

Sophia Hudson, ’06, and her parents, Joe and Lydie Arthos Hudson, ’86, celebrating her graduation in the Law Quad.
Sophia Hudson, ’06, and her parents, Joe and Lydie Arthos Hudson, ’86, celebrating her graduation in the Law Quad.

Twenty years before Sophia Hudson, ’06, received her juris doctorate from Michigan Law, her mother, Lydie Arthos Hudson, ’86, walked across the commencement stage to receive her own. “My mother led a fulfilling career while raising four children and pursuing her many outside interests. She set the example for me, starting with a Michigan Law degree, and is my inspiration,” says Sophia, a corporate partner in the New York office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. “To this day, we proudly tell anyone who will listen that we are one of the few mother-daughter graduates from the Law School.”

Kicking off her legal career with a Michigan education is not the only way Sophia has followed in her mother’s footsteps. “I remember seeing a paperweight on her desk recognizing my mother for being a member of the Cavaedium Society,” she says. “As soon as I had the financial wherewithal, I wanted to support the Law School at a level that would demonstrate just how proud and grateful I am to be a graduate.”

Having given annually to the Law School Fund since her graduation, Sophia recently increased her commitment to $2,500 a year, joining her mother in the Cavaedium Society. Cavaedium means inner quadrangle—a fitting description for those who demonstrate the importance of leadership giving and inspire others to follow their example. “The Law School is dependent on annual giving, in particular to support student scholarships and to develop innovative legal education programs. Both of these are so important to making Michigan a school that attracts the best students and positions them to succeed after graduation,” Sophia says. “Ultimately, Michigan has proven to me that it will do good things with the money that I give to the Law School Fund, and I am happy to support it.”

From faculty who take a personal interest in challenging their students to the friendly yet vigorous debate between classmates, Sophia describes Michigan Law as being the “ideal educational setting” because of its collegiality, intellectual rigor, and engagement with the wider world. “It set the tone for how I’ve pursued my career: collaboratively, continuously seeking challenges, mentoring junior lawyers, and engaging with the intellectual aspects of the law,” she says. “I’ve always believed in supporting the institutions that have provided me with an education and have helped me become who I am.”

Just as Sophia’s mother served as her gateway into giving, Sophia hopes that her philanthropy will resonate with other alumni, encouraging them to add the Law School Fund to their annual giving plans. “It may be a small amount at first,” she says. “But, if and when you can, consider making a larger gift and think about the impact that you can have on a student seeking the same education that has benefitted you.”—JP