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Issue: Winter 2019

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Deeva Shah Deeva Shah

Class Note Winter 2019

Deeva Shah, ’17: Workplace Accountability within the Federal Judiciary

Deeva Shah had only been in her U.S. district court clerkship for a short time when two female colleagues confided that they had experienced sexual harassment on the job. Shah, ’17, offered to help them figure out how to report the harassment, which proved to be more difficult than she had initially thought.

Cinnamon Stephens Cinnamon Stephens

Class Note Winter 2019

Cinnamon Stephens, ’94: Navigating the Complexities of the Art World

“People think of the art world as being classy and sophisticated,” says Cinnamon Stephens, ’94, “But it’s actually kind of a sleazy snake pit,”  

Jonathan Fountain Jonathan Fountain

Class Note Winter 2019

Jonathan Fountain, ’01: Seizing Counterfeit Goods at Vegas Trade Shows

When Jonathan Fountain, ’01, walks the floor of a Las Vegas trade show, U.S. marshals at his side, its vendors hold their collective breath. And when he walks out, counterfeit goods in hand, it’s to their applause.

Jordan Lipp Jordan Lipp

Class Note Winter 2019

Jordan Lipp, ’02: “Protecting the Ski Industry That I Love”

Jordan Lipp, ’02, is a self-described “obsessive skier.” So when he applied to law schools, only those near ski areas made the cut.“One of my classmates still jokes with me that I’m the only person in the world who chose the University of Michigan for its skiing,” laughs Lipp.

Kurt Johnson Kurt Johnson

@UMICHLAW Winter 2019

Kurt Johnson, ’15, to Clerk for Justice Gorsuch

Kurt Johnson, ’15, has accepted a U.S. Supreme Court clerkship with Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch. Johnson’s one-year clerkship is for the October 2019 term. He will start the job this summer.

Basketball Team group photo Basketball Team group photo

Impact Winter 2019

Remembering a Friend: A Bond Forged in the Classroom and on the Basketball Court

Jim Stengel and Bev Bartow met John Schrashun during their first year of law school. Little did they know that Schrashun, whose friendship was central to their law school experience, would not be alive to celebrate their fifth reunion. 

Professor Chris Whitman, reflecting on her long professorship to a large group of students. Professor Chris Whitman, reflecting on her long professorship to a large group of students.

@UMICHLAW Winter 2019

Professor Chris Whitman, ’74, Reflects on 42-Year Teaching Career

The 1Ls in Professor Christina Whitman’s Torts class didn’t know what to make of the professors lining up at the back of the room. Toward the end of class, however, it became apparent why they were there: to applaud—or “clap out”—Whitman, who taught her last class on December 5. Whitman, ’74, is the first female faculty member to have joined the Law School.

Marc Howze smiling in front of plant Marc Howze smiling in front of plant

In Practice Winter 2019

Marc Howze, ’95: Steering Deere & Company

Nothing Runs Like a Deere. The tagline that originated in the 1970s—first with John Deere-made snowmobiles—has since become iconic. It’s also a phrase that could aptly describe the career of Marc Howze, ’95, Deere & Company’s senior vice president and chief administrative officer.

Beauty image of the Law School Reading Room Beauty image of the Law School Reading Room

@UMICHLAW Winter 2019

Edward Fox and Oday Salim Join Faculty

Professor Edward Fox joined Michigan Law as an assistant professor of law. He previously was a fellow at the Center for Law and Economics at New York University School of Law. Oday Salim is the director of Michigan Law’s Environmental Law & Sustainability Clinic, as well as a staff attorney at the National Wildlife Federation.