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 A portrait of Alan Alexander, ’11.  A portrait of Alan Alexander, ’11.

In Practice

Alan Alexander, ’11: Building a Lower-Carbon Energy Sector

Alan Alexander’s work on energy transition projects—including those focused on producing more-sustainable fuel for airplanes—involves collaborating with investors and clients in the energy sector to upgrade existing plants and invest in the research and development of renewable fuels and other low-carbon energy sources.

A portrait of John Hoyns, ’79. A portrait of John Hoyns, ’79.


John Hoyns, ’79: Helping Airlines Survive COVID

After decades of serving aviation clients, John Hoyns thought he had seen the worst of the airline industry’s ups and downs. That was until the coronavirus pandemic upended the industry and presented a slew of unexpected challenges.

A portrait of Peter H. DeHaas, ’63. A portrait of Peter H. DeHaas, ’63.


Peter H. DeHaas, ’63: Boosting Financial Independence for Future Generations

Peter DeHaas spent his career working toward financial freedom—an aspirational goal that he was able to achieve with a little help along the way. With gratitude for the financial aid he received as a student, DeHaas recently established a $12 million trust to help the next generation of Michigan Law students achieve their career and financial goals.

Professor Douglas A. Kahn Professor Douglas A. Kahn

In Memoriam Winter 2022

Professor Douglas A. Kahn

Douglas A. Kahn, the Paul G. Kauper Professor Emeritus of Law, died on October 22, 2021, at his home in Tallahassee, Florida, at the age of 86. He was the longest teaching faculty member in Michigan Law history and a devoted instructor and champion of generations of students.

Ajitesh Kir, LLM ’18 Ajitesh Kir, LLM ’18


India’s Supreme Court Cites Article by SJD Student Ajitesh Kir, LLM ’18

It’s not very often that a junior scholar gets published in an esteemed peer-reviewed law journal. It’s even less common for that junior scholar to have their article cited favorably by a country’s highest court.

Beauty image of the Law School Mess Hall in the Law Quad Beauty image of the Law School Mess Hall in the Law Quad


Reflecting on Ann Arbor, Estate Lawyer Plans Support for the Next Generation

For George Smrtka, ’67, attending Michigan Law was a dream come true. “I applied to two other law schools, but Michigan was the top of the mountain for me. I never thought I could afford it, but the admissions counselor offered a scholarship for half of the tuition and the rest was covered through a loan. I also lived off-campus, washed dishes, and walked up a hill in the snow—both ways,” he laughs.

A group of people from the Michigan Law School Tax Clinic smiling and standing together feeling proud of the work they are accomplishing.  A group of people from the Michigan Law School Tax Clinic smiling and standing together feeling proud of the work they are accomplishing.


Tax Day, Every Day

On the last Thursday in July, members of Michigan Law’s Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) arrived early at Legal Services of South Central Michigan in Ypsilanti to set up for their walk-in tax event. By 9:30 a.m., a half hour before the doors opened, four people were already waiting in line.

Tim-Kochis being interviewed Tim-Kochis being interviewed

In Practice Winter 2019

Tim Kochis, ’73: A Pioneer in Personal Financial Planning

Any success in life is a combination of three things: talent, hard work, and luck, says Tim Kochis, ’73. While Kochis admits he’s had a few lucky breaks in his 45-year career as a personal finance and investment manager, he also attributes his success in large measure to his Michigan Law degree, which has proven to be a “valuable calling card.”

L. Hart Wright L. Hart Wright

Features Fall 2017

The Wide-Reaching Legacy of Professor L. Hart Wright

After Michigan Law Professor L. Hart Wright's daughter Robin published “My Last Conversation with My Father” in the June 17 edition of The New Yorker, it triggered an outpouring of memories and fondness from Professor Wright's former students.

Terrence Quinn Terrence Quinn

In Practice Spring 2017

Scoring a Solo-Practice Touchdown

Nineteen years after wearing the winged helmet, Terrence Quinn’s college football coach, Lloyd Carr, praises his listening skills. “Terrence always paid attention, so I had confidence that he would remember what he was told and know what to do.” At two critical junctures, however, Quinn, ’02, didn’t listen.