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Issue: Spring 2014

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Luke Cooperrider, ’48 Luke Cooperrider, ’48

In Memoriam Spring 2014

Professor Luke Cooperrider, ’48

Professor Emeritus Luke K. Cooperrider, ’48, died December 25, 2013, at the age of 95. He was born in rural Ohio and earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard before serving in the Signal Corps during World War II. Cooperrider met his wife, Ginny, who preceded him in death in 2007, when he was stationed in Hawaii.

Professor Joseph Sax Professor Joseph Sax

In Memoriam Spring 2014

Professor Joseph Sax

Joseph Sax, a pioneer of environmental law, died March 9, 2014, at the age of 78. He was a professor of law at Michigan from 1966 to 1986. Although he later joined the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, he said of Michigan, “It is the place where I grew and prospered professionally, and it shall always be my intellectual home.” 

The Hon. William McClain, ’37 The Hon. William McClain, ’37

In Memoriam Spring 2014

The Hon. William McClain

The Law School lost its oldest African American alumnus on February 4, 2014, when the Hon. William McClain, ’37, HLLD ’02, died in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was 101. 

Nicole Appleberry, ’94 Nicole Appleberry, ’94


Professor Nicole Appleberry, ’94: Tax Issues and Domestic Violence Survivors

As the director of the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC), Professor Nicole Appleberry, ’94, sees firsthand how tax issues affect domestic violence survivors. “Domestic violence is about power and control,” Appleberry says, “and when a woman leaves a domestic violence relationship, she is particularly vulnerable, especially from a financial standpoint.” 

Felicia Andrews, ’04 working with children in Detroit Felicia Andrews, ’04 working with children in Detroit

Cover Story

Felicia Andrews, ’04: Helping Youth Succeed Through Team 313

A self-described “impact person,” Felicia Andrews, ’04, reassessed her career goals and decided that the changes she was making at the macro level in South Africa through her work with the African Union’s New Partnership for Africa’s Development could be applied at the micro level in Detroit. 

Judge Steven Rhodes, '73 Judge Steven Rhodes, '73

Cover Story Spring 2014

Steven Rhodes, ’73: Guitar-playing Bankruptcy Judge Tuned in to the People

“There is no requirement that a bankruptcy judge has to listen to individuals who are represented by (lawyers),” says former bankruptcy Judge Ray Reynolds Graves, who worked with Judge Steven Rhodes for 17 years. “Steve put that to one side and had the retirees come into court and address him personally. Listening to people who could be adversely affected by having their pensions cut—that tells you something about the man’s sensitivities.” 

Photo of Detroit Photo of Detroit

Cover Story

Mayor Frank Murphy, ’12, Saves Detroit from Financial Ruin

In 1930, a graduate of the Law School—Frank Murphy, Class of 1912—was chosen to deal with a fiscal disaster in Detroit nearly as dire as today’s.

Alumni reunion attendees on the steps of the Reading Room. Alumni reunion attendees on the steps of the Reading Room.


African American Alumni Reconnect, Reflect

The excitement was palpable as alumni returned to Ann Arbor for the inaugural Michigan Law African American Alumni Reunion, March 21–23, 2014. 

David Patterson, ’74 David Patterson, ’74


David Patterson, ’74: Leaving the Door Open

For some, law school can represent turmoil and uncertainty. For David Patterson, ’74, all of that was behind him by the time he finally set foot in the Quad. Patterson earned his bachelor’s degree from Harvard in 1968; the very next day, he had to report for his draft physical back home in Ohio.

At a recent Service Day, Michigan Law students volunteer  at an urban garden in Detroit. At a recent Service Day, Michigan Law students volunteer  at an urban garden in Detroit.

Cover Story

Reviving Detroit at its Roots with Urban Agriculture

Surrounded by a sea of crumbling concrete, the lush green landscape of the market garden on Plum Street sits as an oasis in a city forged of steel and cement. For many, it is merely one example of efforts to revitalize Detroit. For Nicholas Leonard, it is the very essence of the urban agricultural model that has inspired his professional career.