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Issue: Fall 2015

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Samuel Zhang, LLM ’85 Samuel Zhang, LLM ’85

Class Note

Samuel Zhang, LLM ’85: Facilitating Business Deals with Cultural Insights

Just as he has represented U.S. and European companies with investments and cross-border transactions in Asian countries throughout the past two decades, Samuel Zhang, LLM ’85, is now assisting companies from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that seek to conduct business in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Daniel Matzkin, ’09, Photo: J. Albert Diaz, Daily Business Review Daniel Matzkin, ’09, Photo: J. Albert Diaz, Daily Business Review

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Daniel Matzkin, ’09: A New Perspective on Hearing Cases

According to Daniel Matzkin, ’09, his typical day as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Florida is just like everyone else’s in that same position. And if you ask whether law school was particularly challenging for him, he’ll tell you that it is equally challenging for nearly everyone.

Bakst, ’97: Advocating for Work/Family Balance Bakst, ’97: Advocating for Work/Family Balance

Class Note

Dina Leshetz Bakst, ’97: Advocating for Work-Family Balance

When the federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) was reintroduced with bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate in June, it was a personal victory for Dina Leshetz Bakst, ’97. Bakst helped to draft the legislation, which provides stronger legal protections for pregnant women in the workplace.

Russell Smith Russell Smith

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Russell Smith, ’86: Ensuring There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Russell Smith’s clients are slimy. Really. They number in the billions, don’t communicate, and move constantly. He willingly allows many to get the death penalty. Smith, ’86, is deputy assistant secretary for international fisheries at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 

Geeti Faramarzi, LLM ’13 Geeti Faramarzi, LLM ’13

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Geeti Faramarzi, LLM ’13: Assisting with Australian Inquest into 2014 Lindt Café Siege

Long before American television viewers awoke to reports of a suspected terrorist attack in Australia, Geeti Faramarzi, LLM ’13, was watching the chaotic scene unfold live outside her Sydney office. “I was told that an armed robbery was taking place next door at the Lindt Café,” recalls Faramarzi, a solicitor at the Office of the State Coroner of New South Wales (NSW). 

Larry Elder Larry Elder

Class Note

Larry Elder, ’77: Filling the Conservative Airwaves

Larry Elder, ’77, has offered his wisdom on his talk radio show, now on the air for some 20 years. It would be difficult to find another U-M alum who can mix it up like Elder can. He represents a small category: black conservatives. Suffice it to say that the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not been on Elder’s show.

Beauty image of azaleas in the courtyard Beauty image of azaleas in the courtyard


Kauper, Yamakawa Honored as Distinguished Alumni

The Law School honored two outstanding alumni with the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards, presented at a September 25 ceremony. This year’s recipients are Professor Emeritus Thomas E. Kauper, ’60, and Yoichiro Yamakawa, MCL ’69.

May Liang, ’89 May Liang, ’89


May Liang, ’89: “I love the vibrancy of the Law School.”

May Liang, ’89, sees the value of her Michigan Law degree in black and white. “Now that I’m established in my career, I really appreciate my time at Michigan,” she says. “It was an impressive education that provided incredible opportunities, and I’m proud to give back.”

Professor Gil Seinfeld Professor Gil Seinfeld


Seinfeld Searches Younger Doctrine for Answers in Google Inc. v. Hood

An authority on federal courts and jurisdiction, Professor Gil Seinfeld acknowledges that it is a rare occasion when the public’s attention is captured by a case that aligns with his scholarly interests. Google Inc. v. Hood was just such an exception.